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Ro-Ro Terminal Operation: Everything you need to know

Ro-Ro Terminal operation

Ro-Ro shipping is the main type of international trading. The vehicle handling terminal at the port is called the Ro-Ro terminal. This blog explains Ro-Ro terminal operation.

What is a Ro-Ro terminal?

Ro-Ro stands for Roll on Roll off. Also called an automobile terminal. Vehicle handling operations are done at the terminal. For international trading of vehicles, it is essential to know about to terminal operation process. It may import vehicles or export or transshipment the vehicles. All are done by to terminal.

The simple meaning of RO-Ro terminal we can say it is a terminal that is operated by Ro-Ro vessels. usually Ro-Ro vessels transport vehicles.

What are the vessel types of Ro-Ro terminal handling

There are many types of ro-ro vessels. Next, we will identify the main vessel types of RORO.

Main types of Ro-Ro ships/vessels

Full Ro RO-this type of vessel carries vehicles only.

Gen Ro-General cargo ships with auxiliary facilities for Ro-Ro

ConRo- ship means they are carrying containers and vehicles. There is a facility to roll on roll off cargo.

PCC -pure car carrier.In this type of ship carrying cars only.

PCTC-Pure car and truck carrier. carrying cars and trucks.

What are the resources required for the Ro-Ro terminal?

Lashing and unleashing gang

Tally clerks or checkers

Drivers-For drive vehicles in and out of the vessel

labor requirements for maintainers

need to allocate a place for vehicle parking

need resources for special operations.eg: accidence and emergency situation

shuttle services for move drivers

what are value-added services and business in Ro-Ro terminal?

vehicle transshipment

This is a famous value-added business in ro-ro terminals. Most of the time vehicles are imported from the manufacturing country and added value or modifications to vehicles and re-export them. This process is called as the vehicle or automobile transshipment.

PDI-Pre delivery inspection

vehicle enhancement work

Next, we are going to identify that ro-ro or automobile terminal plan before the ship’s arrival at the port.

Ro-Ro terminal planning before the ship’s arrival

Ro-Ro terminal planning before the ship’s arrival

1. Berth planning

Berth number needs to plan before the ship arrives considering the ship’s measurements such as draft, LOA, etc

position of the ship ramp

berth plan needs to minimize quary transfer distance

2. Yard planning

yard planning also needs to do as a minimum distance quary transfer

yard planning with segregation of the cargo

Yard planning at Ro-Ro Terminal/Automobile terminal

3. Ship planning-STOWAGE planning

4. HR/other resources planning

Skills of employees and resources at minimum cost

Safe operation at Ro-Ro terminal operation

drivers must follow the instructions when driving the vehicles in and out of the vessel and yard

need to follow the damage prevention guides

better planning and training of signalmen’s/leadman’s working procedure

better lasher’s working procedure

Basic Layout of Ro-Ro Terminal

Example: Basic Ro-Ro Terminal layout

Ro-Ro Terminal operation

  1. A terminal operation can be divided into 4 main categories
  2. Ship discharging or loading operation
  3. Quay transfer operation
  4. storage /parking /stacking /yard operation
  5. Receipt/delivery operation/gate operation

Main types of chargers in the automobile terminal /Ro-Ro terminal operation

  • Navigational chargers at the port
  • dockage
  • wharf handling chargers
  • stevedoring chargers
  • rent for store facility

Safe operation at Ro-Ro Terminal

drivers need to follow instructions and guidelines. such as

drivers are not allowed to wear watches, rings, belts, keys, slippers, neckless,

not allowed to use mobile phones at work

not allowed to use food or drinks inside the vehicles

not allowed to smoke

Drivers should follow instructions before getting into vehicles

Proper round check

if identify any damage, need to report supervisor/ship crew with photographs and damage reports

when the driver opens the door needs to use a hand to protect the door.

Before starting, the vehicle need to adjust the seat/mirror/gears to the proper position.

the standard speed limit is 20 kmph on board and 40kmph at the yard operation

need to keep a safe distance in convoy-moe than 10 m

do not allow to overtake

Signal man’s /lead man working procedure

wearing luminous color shirt for the safety

use whistle

follow the standard signaling instructions

use the signal bar/touch/flashlight and gloves

checking divers follow the given instruction

work as a traffic controller

check the parking procedure and help with the proper parking

Lasher’s working procedure

Wearing proper attire – safety jackets

do not allow o throw-lashing materials

follow the correct way to carry materials

keeping the lashing materials from the vehicle route

Videos related to the Ro-Ro terminal

Ro-Ro Terminal operation
Ro-Ro Ship Cargo discharge
Ro-Ro ship operation

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