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Master Bill of Lading(MBL) and House Bill of Lading(HBL): Everything you need to know

Master BL Vs House BL

Here we are going to explain Master bill of lading and House bill of lading. will discuss the similarities and differences of the MBL and HBL.

Before the explain difference between Master B/L and House B/L need to have a basic idea of the bill of lading. The first section mentions what a bill of lading and details on the B/L is. You can read Bill of Lading: Everything you need to know for more details on Bill of lading.

What is a Bill of Lading?

  • Bill is a document that mentions in cost or price of goods and services
  • Lade meaning is loading cargo onto to ship or other transportation modes.

A Bill of lading meaning is a recording of goods that are loaded to ship

  • It is an agreement between a carrier or transport company and the shipper.
  • B L issued by transportation or carrier company to the shipper

In the BL mentioned below things.

  • Terms of the contract of carriage
  • Shipper’s rights and obligations
  • Carrier’s rights and obligations

What are the details included in B/L?

  • shipper’s/exporter’s details-name, address, and zip code.
  • consignee’s/importer’s details-name, address, and zip code.
  • freight forwarder’s details-name, address, and zip code.
  • incoterms
  • Bill of lading number
  • Carrier details-name, voyage number
  • freight charge terms
  • customer order information/shipment details-number of packages, weight, number of pallets, commodity description
  • carrier signature and date

What is a Master Bill of lading?

Master Bill of lading also called Master B/L or MBL in a short form. It is a bill of lading who issued by the Master of a ship to Non-vessel common carriers (NVOCC) or freight forwarders or direct customers of the shipping line. It is including details of the shipment for receipt of the cargo. And also it is a proof document of cargo received by the carrier.

Who issues the Master bill of lading?

Master bill of lading issued by carrier/shipping line. The master of the ship has the responsibility to issue a master bill of lading. Master bill issue to the NVOCC or freight forwarders or carrier’s customers.

What is House bill of lading?

In short House bill of lading is called House B/L or HBL. It is a document of shipping issues by NVOCC operators or freight forwarders to their customers.

Who issues house bill of lading?

Non-vessel common carriers (NVOCC) or freight forwarders issued house B/L to shipper/exporter/cargo owner

purpose of issuing HBL?

As an acknowledgment of the cargo receipts. In simple words, we can say it is a receipt of the shipment’s cargo.

Requirements for issues HBL

  • the consignee should be the actual cargo receiver
  • the shipper should be the exporter of the cargo
  • notify party can be the importer or any other party

Difference between Master Bill of Lading and House Bill of Lading

HBL is a replication of relevant MBL. This means HBL is generating the based on MBL. Details are the same except for the details of the shipper, consignee, and notify party.

ShipperActual shipper/exporterNVOCC operator or agent/freight forwarder
ConsigneeActual importer/receiverDestination agent or destination office of NVOCC. freight forwarder
Notify partycould be the same as the consignee or any other party mentioned in TT or LCsame as the consignee or any other party
issued byNVOCC or freight forwarder to customersCarrier or shipping line to NVOCC or freight forwarder
Master bill of lading VS House bill of lading

Other details are the same in HBL and MBL, such as

vessel and voyage details

weight, measurement, number of packages

seal numbers

container numbers etc.

House B/L -receipt of the shipment for one exporter/shipper

Master B/L a receipt for shipments for more exporters/shippers.Because of Master B/L for NVOCC or freight forwarder consolidated shipments into one larger shipment.

For more details regarding bill of lading, you can read the post Bill Of Lading: Everything You Need To Know

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