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How to clear my Customs Detained shipment/package faster?

Customs detained shipment

Are you waiting for your package? Are you feeling a delay in your shipment? expected arrival date is already past. What happened to your shipment? it is a big headache for your mind. There are a to of causes and reasons playing in your mind. It may be one cause is customs detained your shipment. Most of the time courier shipment delays occur due to customs examination or detained your package customs. Don’t worry we are assisting to clear your customs-detained shipment fastly with related details of customs detained shipment clearing.

What is the meaning of shipment detained by customs?

If your shipment is detained meaning the customs authority has held that package for inspections and reviews. In this case, needs to follow a formal clearance process. There are many reasons for detained shipments by customs. Next, we discuss the reasons for the shipment being detained at customs premises.

what are the reasons of detain your package?

1. When required additional documents for clearing,

For example, restricted goods need to submit approvals or licenses to relevant authorities.

Additional document -Approvals and license

Examples as below,

Approval and license vary with the country. So license getting authority also varies with the country.

For getting an idea about licenses and approvals below are listed required licenses and authorities in Sri Lanka.

  • TRC approval-  for electronic items
  • Import Control license – for country’s restricted items.
  • NMRA approval (National Medicines Regulatory Authority)- medicines, medical instruments, cosmetics, supplements
  • SLSI(Sri Lanka Standards Institution) – consumable articles. such as batteries, tires, bulbs, switches
  • MOD approval-For firearms, drones, and ammunition

additional document-Bank endorsement

Bank endorsement need when your shipment is high-value cargo or commercial shipment. Then customs need proof of payment.

2. when need food inspector approval-all food items to need to inspect(foods and related perishables)

3. if need your shipment for valuation

this need to do for the required items for valuation. After the showing and shipment, the valuation inspector can get valuation approval.

4. If the shipment is duty payable, detained customs until paying customs duty

5. If imported goods are under the category of restricted or prohibited goods, customs do not release your shipment.

custom clearance process

after arriving your shipment at customs, the below step is followed for shipment clearing,

  • customs officers examine the shipment’s documents.
  • calculate import duties and taxes.
  • if it is applicable customs duties and taxes customs request to make payments
  • finally, the shipment clears customs when paying all the duties and taxes.

What can you do when your shipment is detained/held/stuck in customs?

  1. Contact your 3PL provider.
  2. Contact carrier.
  3. Find out if there is any unpaid taxes or duty.
  4. Find out whether there is any requirement for the document.

How do you find out if your shipment is detained/held/stuck?

Track your shipment through the courier service.

Contact your courier service and follow the instructions.

Sri Lanka customs detained a package it will be notified by register post letter with other documents by courier service.

How do I clear customs-detained shipments faster?

when you noticed your shipment is detained at customs or when you receive detain notice from customs you need to contact your 3pl provider or freight forwarding agency. then you can arrange the clearing process through your 3pl provider. Most of the time they are doing need documentation part and get licenses and approvals from the authorities. if you are liable to for duty for the shipment they will arrange the facilities for pay and clear your shipment as soon as possible. But you need to pay for them for each and every additional service.

Another way to clear your detained shipment faster, you can hire a customs house agent/cha/customs broker to clear the shipment. CHA will arrange everything for the shipment clearance process. Then you need to pay their chargers for service.

What happens if a shipment does not clear customs?

If your detained shipment is not cleared by customs, your goods are Confiscation after some time period. The time period varies from country to country according to customs law and types of cargo.

Most of the time customs request tenders for selling uncleared goods for sell.

What to do if a package is held by customs?

Follow the instructions and directions of the customs notification letter of detained.

Why would a package be held up in customs?

It may be not fulfilled the required documents for shipping, such as import and export licenses and approvals from relevant authorities. And also if duty payable item is in the package your package is stuck in the customs premises until paid duty and clearance.

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