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Customs Declaration (CusDec) & ASYCUDA system

CusDec/customs declaration

When doing international trading you should be aware of shipping documents. The Customs declaration form is one of the essential documents in global business. In this blog, we are going to identify customs declaration and ASYCUDA system.

what is CusDec?

Cusdec is a short name for Customs Declaration. Another name for CusDec is a bill of entry.

What is CusDec/Customs Declaration?

It is an essential document for international trading. It should be submitted for goods declaration when exporting or importing goods. That goods declaration form is called as CusDec.It is an essential document for imported cargo clearing and the export process of cargo to be shipped.

Purpose of CusDec/Customs Declaration form?

Customs need to identify shipments correctly, so need to mention each and every item or goods detail accurately in the Customs Declaration form. That’s why need to submit CusDec for a particular shipment. With the help of CusDec customs easily identified custom duties and levies.

What are the main types of CusDec/Customs Declaration?

  1. Imports Declaration
  2. Export Declaration (BOI, Bonds, Exports)
  3. Bond declaration(TO bond/RE-bond/Ex-bond/BOI)

Is CuDec/Customs Declaration forms have a standard format?

yes.CusDec has an internationally recognized standard format that is accepted by customs all around the world.

CusDec consists of,

  • main declaration form- called as CusDec l – only one commodity can mention
  • continuation sheets-called as CusDec ll- 3 commodities can mention in CusDec ll

number of sheets of the CusDEc depends on the number of items included in a shipment

One CusDec form can be included a maximum number of 99 items only.

Basic details of CusDec format use in Sri Lanka

A4 size -(210mmx297mm)- plain white paper

Block letters in black color

it should not include trademarks or company logos or handwriting.

CusDec l consists of 54 cages and CuDec ll consists of 53 cages.

who are the users of CusDec/Customs Declaration form?

  • Customs
  • customs house agents(CHA)
  • importers and exporters
  • freight forwarders
  • warehouse operators
  • other parties who involve in importing and exporting process

who has the authority to create CusDec/Customs Declaration form?

Customs House Agent(CHA)/wharf

what is the meaning of CusDec framing?

The simple meaning of CusDec framing is filling customs declaration form.

What are the main types of e-CusDec copies used in Sri Lanka?

warranty copy- for post clearance and audit

delivery copy-for warehouse

exchange copy-to-exchange controller

party copy-consignee copy

What is ASYCUDA?

  • ASYCUDA term stands for Automated System for Customs Data.
  • ASYCUDA is a popular digitalized customs management system.
  • ASYCUDA system software developed by UNCTAD
  • operates on: a client-server environment
  • supporting operating systems: UNIX, DOS, RDBMS software.

ASYCUDA system supports international codes and standards under the ISO, WCO(World Customs Organization), and United nations. And also it is customized according to the rules of National levies and tariffs.

ASYCUDA works as an EDI(electronic data interchange) between customs and other influencing parties for international trading. such as importers, exporters, freight forwarders, shipping lines, CHA(Customs House Agent), etc.

UNCTAD(United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) has introduced a standard system for customs management. It creates a smooth process of the customs declaration process.

ASYCUDA system uses not only the customs declaration process but also manifesting and other tasks of customs.

what are the versions of ASYCUDA?

  • ASYCUDA World: 2002 -present
  • ASYCUDA++: 1992-present
  • ASYCUDA v2: 1985-1995
  • ASYCUDA:1981-1984

To read more about ASYCUDA versions click here

What are the tasks done by the ASYCUDA system?

  • handling manifest
  • customs declarations
  • accounting
  • transit and suspense
  • generate trade data which is used for statistical economic analysis

who are the users of ASYCUDA system?

  • customs
  • Custom House agents/CHA/Wharf
  • Shipping lines
  • NVOCC/freight forwarders
  • local authorities and agencies
  • port authorities and terminals

What is the meaning of customs clearance?

Customs clearance is giving official permission for goods into the country or out of the country. In other words, customs clearance can be defined as giving customs authority permission to import or export a particular shipment. For the customs clearance procedure need to submit shipping documents and if required approval license or permit etc. And also need to pay relevant customs duties and tariffs.

videos regarding customs declarations/cusdec

What is Cusdec? sourced by dailylogistics
How to submit e CusDec through the ASYCUDA system in Sri Lanka: sourced by Sri Lanka Customs

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