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What is (NVOCC) Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier/Co loader?


Here we are going to identify the meaning of NVOCC and valuable information regarding NVOCC in international trading.

What is the meaning of NVOCC?

NVOCC stands for Non-Vessel Operating Carriers

In the USA use the words Non-Vessel operating common carrier by adding “C”

also known as co-loader.

NVOCC is an ocean carrier but they handle the shipment without owning a vessel by themselves.

The normal procedure of the NVOCC is buying vessel spaces from a shipping line or vessel owner. Then reselling space by collecting cargo for shippers.

In this case, the vessel is not owned by a freight forwarder or shipment consolidator. but they act as a carrier y issuing shipping documents(House bill of lading) and are responsible for the shipment.

In simple words, NVOCC is a contractor who arranges the transport of goods from the seller’s premise to the end user. This kind of carrier do not own by ocean ships but acts as a carrier with shipment liability.

Functions of the NVOCC

  • Delivering and receiving cargo
  • issuing shipping documents such as House of Bill of Lading
  • Booking space handling
  • providing consolidation and deconsolidation services by using third parties or by using a Container Freight station.
  • arranging payments for transportation-port to port chargers including essential chargers

Reasons for choosing NVOCC

1. Business is easy with small organizations

most of the time NVOCC is a smaller company than large shipping lines. As a shipper or consignee, you can easily deal with a small amount of workforce and facilities. Actually, they will be highly concerned about your requirement. So you can arrange and coordinate your shipment easily.

2. NVOCC are provide better rates for spaces booking

Most of the time NVOCC rates are lower than main shipping line rates. Because NVOCC copay is negotiated with the main shipping line and gets a lower rate for larger spaces. So they will give lower rate for customers also. It is more affordable to customers.

3. Customized service

NVOCC carriers are providing customized service to their client because they are handling few amounts of customers when considering a larger shipping line. So NVOCC are offer better customer service.

They have different options for sailing because they deal with many ocean vessel carriers, So it is beneficial to clients.

most of the NVOCC provide online tracking services for tracking your shipment.

4. NVOCC companies have an efficient and better network with local bodies

NVOCC has better connectivity with transport-related parties who are involved with international trading. Such as local trucking companies, customs authorities, port authorities, trade unions, etc. It is advantageous for the smooth operation of the shipment handling process. It will minimize the risk associated with trucking, labor issues, etc.

5. Shipping documentation part is easy with the NVOCC

NVOCC is able to issue a Bill of lading. It called as Hose Bill of Lading while its short form is HBL.

Role of NVOCC in the shipping industry

NVOCC acts as an intermediary party between the main shipping line and the shipper.

Difference between VOCC and NVOCC

What is VOCC?

VOCC stands for vessel-operating common carriers. In Other words, shipping lines and ocean carriers are similar to vessel-operating common carriers that are operated by their own vessels. Normally VOCC carriers handle their own containers for their direct customers and also most of the time shipments are FCL. And issues a master Bill of Lading.

Voccs are offering port-to-port services other than connection with inland port or rail connections.

NVOCC providers and freight forwarders are customers of the VOCCs.

Vessel Operating Common carrierNon-Vessel Operating Common Carrier
Operate a vesseldo not operate a vessel
Issues Master Bill of lading to the shipperissues House Bill Of Lading
Difference between NVOCC and VOCC

Example NVOCC companies

1.APEX Group,USA

sourced by: https://www.apexgroup.com/

contact link here


sourced by https://www.expeditors.com/

contact link here

3.Kuehne Nagel

sourced by https://ch.kuehne-nagel.com/en/

4.Blue Anchor America line

sourced by https://blue-anchor-america-line.com/

Videos regarding to NVOCC

sourced by dailylogistic.com
sourced by pwip

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