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Imports executive: Everything you need to know

Imports Executive

In this blog going to talk about imports executive job. Required professional qualifications and skills needed to be an imports executive and how to survive your job in the industry and stress management and so on.

Professional qualifications required for becoming an Imports Executive

Degree or diploma in imports management

Required skills for Imports executive

communication skills in English

better negotiation skills with banks and freight forwarders

mathematical knowledge for cost before and after the shipment

computer skills

negotiation skills



quick problem-solving ability

building and maintaining customer and supplier relationships

Required knowledge for Imports executive

knowledge of customs procedures and documentation

better knowledge of ERP systems and Microsoft Office package

Quality assurance knowledge

Responsibilities of Imports executive

Time-bound deliveries

follow up on order status with suppliers and forwarders, logistics providers, tracking shipments

monitor and marine insurance coverage

interact and negotiate the payments with suppliers

obtaining quotations from freight forwarders and suppliers in a timely manner

sending purchase orders to suppliers

cost analysis before ad after the shipment

negotiate contract details

procurement contracts managed with suppliers

As an import executive, how do you need to prepare for your next promotion?

If you do not have a degree or diploma in logistics and international trade, you can follow a degree or diploma related to the supply chain and logistics field

It is more valuable to do a Customs House Agent CHA exam and get a CHA license. definitely, you will get more benefits for your carrier development

if you already completed a degree program you can apply for a MSC or MBA related to the supply chain and logistics field

On the other hand, you need to improve your communication skills and knowledge. There is a higher demand for multi-language communication having persons in the logistics field. So you can learn other than the native language you can follow a course foreign language such as English, Mandarin Chinese, German, Spanish, Arabic, etc.

Carrier path of imports executive

  1. Trainee or internship
  2. imports assistant
  3. junior executive of imports
  4. imports executive
  5. senior imports executive
  6. Assistant manager of imports
  7. Imports manger
  8. Senior imports manger
  9. Head of the department of(HOD) imports

is import executive job stressful?

It depends on ion the organization and the amount of handling shipments. If you have to handle a large number of shipments it is a little bit stressful. because you need to attend to more tasks at the same time.Such as you need to follow up shipments and arrange shipments. All the shipments are not in the same position. So you need to do different tasks at the same time. But you can manage the shipments with a proper planning and monitoring process.

How to avoid or manage stress at work as an imports executive?

You need to attend proper planning, you can make a to-do list as a priority of the tasks. It may be manual or you can use a to-do list app.

your mobile phone notifications need to be silent because it makes a stressed when you doing other tasks it definitely disturbs you.

if you need to check emails and other messages you can do it in a time that should really want time or allocated time on the to-do list. At that time you can read and reply to emails and massagers.

If you missed calls you can call back to them after the at-moment job. Email replying and call answering the need to do in an urgent situation. But it is not necessary. It will be a headache for you so you need to properly plan for managing calls and emails replying. Then you will not miss any emails or phone calls and you can attend to them with a clear mind.

With maintaining a to-do list and proper planning you never miss any tasks you have to do. Then your mind is free to work all the time. You will not stress even in a busy environment and higher workload.

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