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Linen Supply Chain: Fabrics Logistics

Linen supply chain

Linen is a most popular and valuable fabric from ancient times. So this blog going to identify the linen supply chain.

What is linen fabric?

Linen is one of the oldest and most popular fabric types in the world.

made from the stalks of the flax plant

highly durable

History of linen?

Linen fabric is made from weaving and dying flax plant fibers and is used in Egyptian burial tombs. Also, there is evidence that linen was a more valuable item in ancient Egypt even though linen was used as a currency in Egypt.

use as home decorations such as bedding, table clothing, and reusable napkins

Linen fabric Supply chain


Raw material supply from the flax plant

Firstly,linen supply chain started with the flax plant cultivation.

After the right time, need to harvest the flax plant for manufacturing the linen yarns.

therefore have to follow steps like fiber separation, breaking, combing, spinning, reeling, drying. After the process of the yarn production can manufacture linen fabrics. These fabrics are used for making garments and other products.

Most of the time linen manufacturing companies export their products to another country. because most of the countries haven’t enough resources to manufacture lien yarns.Nowadays, the world’s largest linen fabric exporter in China.

After buying or importing linen fabric, can make garments by cutting and sewing the fabric.

In this step, most of the large garment manufacturing companies are exporting their end products to other countries. Some are used to domestic use by sending to outlets or retail shops. At present most popular garment-selling method is online stores.

In the final step of the linen supply chain end the linen products come to the consumer’s hand at an online store or retailer shop.

Properties and characteristics of linen


tensile strength

The ability to dry rapidly and the capacity to resist moisture

Low elasticity

Don’t hold on to temperature(heat or cold)linen fabric

Benefits of linen

Ideal for using bedding fabric when is extremely cold or hot.

Main types of linen?

Damask linen

this is standard fabric for ornate tablecloths. For this use linen characteristics of strength and beauty of the fabric.

Closely-woven linen

Also called sheeting linen. It is more popular in use as both bedding and apparel due to it being remarkably soft.

Loose weave linen

This type of linen is not as durable as the other 3 types of linen.

But it is highly absorbent.

This type comes in many varieties sometimes, loose woven linen is blended with cotton for garments.

Plain weave linen

This type is readily absorbent

and used for reusable napkins.

How to use Linen fabric and end products of Linen fabric?


for apparel

  • shirts
  • pants
  • dresses
  • skirts
  • jackets
  • blazers
  • lingeries
  • underwear
  • night dresses
  • dressing robes


  • Napkins
  • table cloths
  • hand and kitchen towels
  • bath towels

For bedding

  • Pillowcases and sheets

For industrial applications

  • Canvas for painting

Which countries manufacture Linen fabric production in the world?

  • China
  • Italy
  • Ireland
  • Belgium
  • United States

Available Certificates for Linen fabric

  • Organic certification by both the United States Department of Agriculture
  • European Union’s organic certification program
  • OEKO-TEX certification

quick Summary of Linen Fabric


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