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What is Marine Pilotage?

Marine Pilotage

Marine pilotage is providing assistance to captains of ships and other vessels for navigational activities such as entering into port, manuoeuvring within the port as well as leaving from the ports safely. it is done to ensure ships or vessels’ safety as well as port infrastructure safety. Pilotage is done according to rules and regulations.

  • The pilot acts as an advisor for navigational activities within the port as well as for leaving and entering the ports. He is providing navigational instructions to the captain pilot is but not liable for the master’s actions. He acts as only the advisor.
  • When talking about pilotage in shipping, A point is a person to give guidance for a ship to enter to port as well mooring process as well as out of the port.
  • Most of the time ship masters are new to relevant ports, and ensuring the safety of the ship pilotage is done by local officers appointed by the local port authority.
  • Many of the ports are compulsory for pilotage services.
  • In some of the ports, pilotage is compulsory for specific cargoes and ship sizes, ship types only.

Purpose of piolatage?

The main purpose of the pilotage is to enhance the safety of the vessel. as well as protection of the environment from preventing damage to the environment and infrastructure. It may create unnecessary traffic congestion in the port, to avoid traffic congestion use pilotage. Traffic congestion creates more carbon emissions to the environment. With the help of pilotage ensure that both vessel and port infrastructure safety.

When using piolatage?

  • When the ship master is not familiar with that port area
  • Ship size is large
  • Ship navigation may be considered hazardous Anywhere within the port area

Pilot qualifications and requirements?

  • The pilot should have better knowledge of the relevant port area
  • Experiences in marine navigation
  • The pilot may have good knowledge of handling

more details of pilotage, pilot training, and certifications IMO

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