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Main perils at sea: risks/accidence at the sea

Perils at the sea

In international trading, more than 90% of cargo is transported by sea. Here we are going to identify the main perils at sea. It means what are the risks or accidence you have to face during the goods transportation by sea.

What is the meaning of perils at the sea?

In simple words perils meaning is risk and all the happening of the vessel during the voyage by the act of god. It means accidence or other risk associated with the vessel and voyage not the influencing of human beings. That all happened naturally.

There are many risks that occur transit of the cargo by sea. Perils can be divided into two categories as perils of the sea and perils on the sea. Below mentioning examples of the perils related to marine insurance.

Perils of the sea

1. Collision- perils of the sea

  • ship collision occurs when two ships touch accidentally and as a result of that physically damaged the ships.
  • And also, collisions may happen between ships and any other floating things (icebergs, offshore drilling platforms, etc.) in the sea or port.
  • That kind of damage can’t be measured as only cost. but the result of a collision at sea effect is also beyond the money. Such as life losses and due to collision making traffics on marine routes it is time-consuming. It will affect to world trading industry.
  • These days sea collision is more due to the marine technological improvement impact on the shipbuilding industry from manufacturing high-speed ships at high sea.
Example of ship collisions at sea

2. Sinking- perils of the sea

The main reason for the sinking is the ship is flooding. And may sinking occur due to Navigational issues, Human errors. Bad weather condition is mostly affected to ship sinking.

Example of Sinking ships

3. Stranding- perils of the sea

The meaning of stranding is ship becomes immobilized. The ship’s mechanical error or failure may be the reason for this.

4. Unexpected weather condition-perils of the sea

This is a natural effect anyone can’t stop. Bad weather conditions are made high swells at sea. It negatively affected ships that are sailing at the time. Bad weather conditions may affect to ship. Bad weather may cause them to ship sink.

Heavy storm

Next, discuss the perils of the sea and how it is harmful to your cargo.

Perils on the sea

1. Fire- perils on the sea

  • Fire can happen onboard a ship due to various reasons. Such as below
  • Cargo storage is wrong. Because some of the two types of cargo can make fire.
  • Technical Failures of a ship.
  • Leaking of high-pressure fuel or gas pipes.
example incidences of fire on a cargo ship in Sri Lanka

2. Jettison-perils on the sea

Jettison simple definition is throwing cargo out of the ship at sea. This happened during an emergency cause of the voyage. Examples of emergency cases are fire on board a ship, Need for weight reduction on a ship. jettison is done according to the instructions of the Ship captain. He has the right to throw goods in an emergency. And also he is liable to keep records of the cargo list of what has faced jettison.

Example for jettison

3. Thieves-perils on the sea

Piracy attack in the ship transportation at sea. When occurring a piracy attack your cargo may be lost.

4. Barratry-perils on the sea

5. War- perils on the sea

6. foundering at the sea

if the vessel is found to be missed at the sea for a duration of time, without any news from the vessel. It’s called foundering at the sea.IT consider one of the perils of the sea.

How to prevent the perils of the sea?

Actually, you can’t avoid perils. Because perils are occurring not the intention of humans. Perils are calls as acts of god. It means you should have to face it. How can we face this situation right? When transporting goods by sea you can get marine insurance coverage for your vessel, cargo, and employee. It is a somewhat extension of a prevention method for perils, by the insurance claims you can cover financial losses.

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