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How can I get Freight forwarding professional qualifications in Sri Lanka?

Freight forwarding professional qualifications

Freight forwarding is playing a major role in international trading. There are more job opportunities in the freight forwarding industry around the world. Here are famous and best places for getting freight forwarding professional qualifications in Sri Lanka.

With professional qualifications, you can find a job in the freight forwarding and logistics industry. If you are already an employee in the forwarding or logistics industry with obtained professional qualifications it will definitely help you to go for the carrier promotions.

1.Certificate Course in Logistic Services, Freight Forwarding & Multi-Modal Transport-Academy of International Trade and Transport(AITT)

contact details:

T.P: 076 716 7811,076 725 6748

Target audience: Executives and middle managers in the logistics field who has at least one year of experience

For more details regarding the course: you can click here

course content:

Introduction to freight forwarders and NVOCC
Carriage of goods by sea carriage of goods by sea
Carriage of goods by air
International trade and finance, payment methods
The legal aspect of carriage of goods by sea, air, land
multimodal transportaion
customs and other regulatory bodies
Business communication
Logistics Marketing
Introduction to industry-related e-commerce
handling of project cargo
Introduction to supply chain management
Introduction to dangerous goods

2. Foundation course in multi Modal Transport and LogisticsAcademy of International Trade and Transport(AITT)

Target audience: junior executives, new employees, interns, trainees

duration: 2 months

contact link here

course content

globalization, Trade, and transport linkages
cargo and cargo packaging dangerous cargo
Role of a freight forwarder
International trade and transaction and documentary credit sales
International commercial terms
Transport documents
Planning and execution of Export shipment
operations of multimodal transport
Introduction to Logistics and Supply chain management
liabilities of the parties in the transport chain
Selecting and assessing transport routes
Insurance coverage and parties in the transport chain

3. FIATA International Diploma in Freight Forwarding and Logistics

Duration:18 months

Target audience: MAngeners, senior executives, senior managers

Introduction to freight forwarding
Seaport (General)
Maritime containers
Multimodal Transport
Air transport
Road transport
Rail transport
National/international carriage by Inland waterway
Customs procedures
Dangerous goods
Safety and Security
ICT in freight forwarding

4. Certificate course in Logistics services, Freight forwarding, and multimodal Transport-By Cinec campus

duration:6 months

Target audience: school leaves, already employed in the freight forwarding industry

Entry requirement: 2 S passes G.C.E A/L or D (London) or O/l with 1-year working experience

quick inquiry link here

Course content

Introduction to Freight forwarding and NVOCC operations
Documentation and legal aspects
quality management
dangerous goods and quarantine requirement procedures
Logistics Marketing
Carriage of goods by sea
Carriage of goods by air
Multimodal transport
Supply chain management
Business communication
International trade

5. Certificate in Logistics services, Freight forwarding, and Multimodal transport by Aquinas

requirements: pass G.C.E A/L with one-year working experience

duration: 6 months

contact details

online application link here


course content

fundamentals of transport
fundamentals of logistics
fundamentals of supply chain
practical skills and more

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