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How to become a Customs House Agent:CHA:Wharf: Customs Broker

CHA,Wharf clerk,customs broker

CHA is playing a major role in the import and export process. CHA is in high demand, in the job market in the logistics and shipping industry. This blog focus on the process of being a Custom House Agent/wharf/customs Broker and CHA exam and CHA pass and more.

Who is CHA?

CHA stands for Custom House Agent. Also known as a wharf, wharf clerk, custom broker, clearing agent

He acts as an agent of customs. The custom house agent is the intermediary party between customs and the cargo owner/importer/exporter/consignee.

Customs house agents are involving the process of import and export, such as customs declaration (Cusdec) submitting to customs, entry passing, and cargo clearance process.

CHA is an essential involved party in the clearance process. Because they are the authorized agents of the customs who can involve in the import and export process.

Functions as a legal advisor of the importer or exporter regarding the customs clearance process. In short customs clearance, A to Z process is done by CHA.

You can read more about Custom House Agent in here

How to become a custom house agent? In Sri Lanka

  1. Start to work in a custom clearing company.
  2. Getting on-the-job training
  3. Need to get a letter from the company confirming you are an employee at the clearing company.
  4. This letter is an essential document for applying for the CHA examination (in Sri Lanka)
  5. Register for the CHA examination at the country’s customs.
  6. To become a custom house agent, it is necessary to pass the CHA examination.
  7. Required documents for registering as a CHA /Wharf clerk vary from country to country. Next, I would like to list some common documents for CHA registration. Such as the Custom house Agent certificate, and Personal Identification verifying documents.Duly completed CHA registration application

CHA examination-In Sri Lanka

who conducted by CHA examination?

The Customs Human resources development directorate is conduct CHA/wharf assistance courses and examinations.

How do apply CHA/wharf assistance course/training program?

Sri Lanka customs official website, notice and announcement section update with the announcement of application calling of CHA/wharf assistance training.

You can download the application form from the Sri Lanka customs website.

Duly filled application need to submit the Human resources development directorate of the customs with the required documents.

(National identity card copy, Request letter of the employer, G.C.E Ordinary level exam result sheet, etc.)

what are the requirements to be fulfilled by CHA CHA/wharf assistance course applicant?

Applicant should have passed the G.C.E Ordinary level exam with 6 subjects including Sinhala/Tamil, mathematics, English

Applicant should be an employee at a customs clearance or freight forwarding logistics-related company. Need to submit an employer request letter to follow CHA CHA/wharf assistance course.

And applicant needs to submit an original and certified copy of the G.C.E Ordinary level examination result sheet, and a National identity card copy.

What are the benefits of doing a CHA/wharf assistance course?

You can obtain a CHA pass and you can work as a CustomHouse Agent

You have a large market of job opportunities in the logistics and shipping industry in globally. It is a highly-paid job market.

CHA pass is an added qualification for academic studies in the supply chain and logistics industry.

CHA pass holders can be entered into customs places without getting previous permissions.

How to find an application for the CHA/wharf assistance course?

you can download an application from the official website of the customs.

application download link here.

How to find CHA /wharf assistance exam results?

you can reach the official website of Sri Lanka customs. Next, go to the notice and announcement section. If your exam result is out in this section show your results.

How many times can I sit for CHA exam?

you can do CHA exam two times as a repeater

what are the eligibility criteria for sit CHA /wharf assistance exam?

attendance of 80% is compulsory to sit the examination

full payment of the course fee needs to pay when the course registration.

Which language CHA exam paper do I have to write?

CHA exam paper in the English language. But you can write answers in English, Sinhala, or Tamil. If you like to select language one of them or else you can write answers in two languages. For example, you can write answers using two languages English and Sinhala. And you can write answers in English and Tamil.

What are the key areas covered by CHA course and examination?

Customs ordinance and national customs law

Import and Export customs clearance procedure

LCL cargo and FCLclerence procedure

Air cargo clearance procedure

Curious Cargo clearance procedure

International Commercial terms-IncoTerms

International payment terms and methods

International Trade agreements

shipping documents(bill of lading,airwaybill,bill of entry,

Bonding facilities and bonded warehouse

BOI procedure of customs clearance

Customs duty calculation and other taxes

Customs declaration form and how to fill Cusdec and rules and regulations regarding CusDec

passenger baggage clearance process of customs

the foreign currency declaration process

Classifications of goods and HS codes

License and permits, approvals for import and export from relevant authorities

drawbacks and refunds of the customs

entrepot trading

free re-import certificate-FRIC

Refund and drawback from the customs

social protection with customs

other course related to Import and export in Sri Lanka

Wharf Clerk (NVQ 4)- conducted by ocean university Sri Lanka.Contact link here

Course on Operational Aspects of International Trade-conducted by EDB.contact link here

Certificate Course in Import and Export Procedures conducted by EDB..contact link here

Essential requirements for work as a Customs House Agent or wharf in Sri Lanka?

  • You need to pass the CHA exam, which is conducted by the customs authority of Sri Lanka.
  • You should have a CHA pass.
  • You need to have or work under a registered company.
  • You need to deposit the required amount of cash.

What are the requirements and mandatory documents for getting CHA License in Sri Lanka?

  1. Requesting letter from the company (signed by directors/partner/proprietor)
  2. Completed CHA application form.
  3. Company documents-Business Registration Certificate of the company, Form 1/Form 2A/Form 48/Form 20/Form 41, Articles of Association / Memorandum of Association
  4. TIN certificate
  5. VAT certificate
  6. Cash grantee

Becoming a successful Custom House Agent is not enough to obtain a professional qualification. You should develop the skills and knowledge Customs House Agent required. For further details, you can click here

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