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3 Main Types of Air Cargo Carriers: Quick Explanation in a simple way


In the past decades, air cargo volumes have increased rapidly. Here we are going to identify the main types of air cargo carriers.

What is the ” air cargo”?

Goods or products which are moving from one point to another point by mode of air transportation are called air cargo.

What is an air cargo carrier?

Commonly known as cargo airlines and air freight carriers. They are carrying goods by air.

What are the main Air cargo service elements?

Now we move on to service elements of air cargo service it is helpful to know the air cargo industry.

Elements of Air cargo service
Elements of Air cargo service

Air Freight– For the purpose of carrying air cargo/freight.

Air mail-For the purpose of carrying mail by air.

Air Express-This created for the purpose of carrying air express.

Overnight Air Express provides services even at night time for one day shipping cargo or package in next day.

Types of Air cargo carriers

3 Main types of Air cargo carriers

1. Integrated Carriers

Also called express carriers

Operate door-to-door freight operation network

Use their own aircraft because of higher reliability and capacity

Integrated carriers are more families with people as express carriers, they have their own feet services for air and land transportation.

They are mainly focused on shipment collection transportation and quick shipment delivery door-to-door step.

Integrated carriers usually handle a large number of parcels per hour, maybe thousands of parcels. So they can offer more competitive prices to customers.

And also they are offering a variety of services than normal air carriers.

Integrated or express carriers usually provide more time-sensitive services such as same-day delivery or next-day delivery.

Examples of integrated carries




2. Combination Carriers

Combination airlines have facilities for carrying both passengers and cargo. It may have freight/cargo carriers and passenger carriers in its fleet. As well as combination carriers use “combi aircraft ” for the transport of both passengers and cargo in one aircraft.

Combination carriers are offering point-to-point services.

There is a low marginal cost. So they can offer low prices than integrated carriers

Examples of combination carriers

Korean Air

Cathay Pacific Airways



3. All cargo Airlines

Operates a variety of cargo services only.

Not operating passenger transportation facilities.

Provide point-to-point service(air port to airport) for air freight forwarders.

These types of cargo airlines operate under guaranteed space agreements.

This type of carrier is used for carrying large size of packages and contains cargo for government purpose and business purposes cargo carrying.

Examples of All Air cargo Airlines

Polar air cargo

Atlas air



What is Combi Aircraft?

This type of aircraft can carry passengers/and cargo. This is flexible for use as a passenger air carrier as well as cargo air carrier.

The main advantage of a combi carrier is the dual purpose of air transport operation both passenger and cargo.

What is a passenger airline?

Its main purpose is to carry passengers from airport to airport.

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