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Double deep Pallet racking system: Everything you need to know

double deep pallet racking system

What is a double deep racking system?

It is called a Double deep pallet racking system. It is a pallet-racking system used in warehouses and distribution centers.A double deep racking system is a storage system that can store palletized goods efficiently. when compared to the selective racking system double-deep racking system increases storage density.

Features of double deep racking system

Two rows of pallets

there is selective accessibility

Benefits of Double deep pallet racking system

  • Increase storage density which is compared to the selective pallet racking system
  • Cost savings and affordable due to reduced warehouse footprint also compared to other racking systems lower construction cost.
  • Double deep pallet racking system can be adapted to any unit load
  • Time-saving and fast stock rotation
  • Safety is high due to the variety of accessories that can be incorporated.

Most suitable business for double deep pallet racking systems

  • Double deep pallet racking is more suitable for warehouses that use products with more than one pallet for storage units.
  • Identical or homogeneous product store warehouses can use double-deep pallet racking systems.
  • This is suitable for warehouses that have stock with a long-term or medium useful life.
  • Wholesale Distribution Centers
  • Manufacturers with High Raw Material Volumes
  • Retail Distribution Centers
  • Automotive Parts Suppliers
  • Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Providers
  • E-commerce Fulfillment Centers
  • Building Materials Suppliers
  • Beverage Distribution Companies
  • Paper and Printing Companies
  • Cold Storage Facilities require businesses (food industry, pharmaceuticals, or any industry that requires cold storage often use double-deep racks to make the most of their temperature-controlled storage spaces)

Not recommended business for double deep pallet racking systems

Very perishable products

For a better understanding of the double deep racking system, you can watch the below videos,

Double deep pallet racking system
Maximize Warehouse Space with a Double Deep Racking Storage System

Most popular Double deep pallet racking system sellers

Canadian Rack Technologies Inc

AK Material Handling Systems



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