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How to find Buyers for newly started Import-Export Businesses

How to find buyers for newly started import export Businesses

When starting an export business, the biggest challenge is finding buyers related to the product. If it is an export business this challenge will be more complex due to cultural and language barriers and other problems in global trading. Here going to explain how to find buyers for import export business. It will help your business.

1. Market research

Need to do proper market research regarding the country in which you have to plan to export your products.

need to research more details regarding your market in the planned country, a few of them are listed below,

  • The economic condition of the country
  • Average disposable income of the citizen
  • tariffs and taxes on imports
  • If there are available import quotas

After getting all the answers to the above questions, you can get an idea of the market.

2. Attend trade shows and seminars, conferences, other activities and events

This is the best place to learn about the import and export regulations of different countries. And also identifies funding programs and market strategies Practices and other related knowledge regarding import and export. So participating in trade shows seminars and other events is very useful for developing your export business while finding buyers

Also, these events provide an opportunity to network with your industry-related professionals, create contact with them and you can show your products and services to them, It is a great opportunity to establish valuable connections with the industry.

Steps to follow Find buyers through trade shows, seminars, conferences, and other related events

1. Selecting the Right Activities or Events

You need to select the most closely and most relevant trade shows and activities for your industry and your target market. It is necessary to know if it is more suitable for your product.

For example, assuming you are a coconut-related product exporter, you need to select events and activities as well as conferences related to coconut products.

Need to research upcoming events locally and internationally. Then prioritize activities according to your target market and the attractiveness of potential buyers.

2. Pre-Event Readiness

Before the event, you need to research the event schedule, exhibitors, attendees, and other related details. Then you can Identify key participants, companies, and potential buyers you want to connect with. After that set clear goals for what you hope to achieve from attending

3. Create an attractive presentation or booth

If you have a space for a booth or a chance to conduct a presentation, you can design it to be visually appealing and informative. Use banners, product displays, sample products, and promotional materials to showcase your offerings. Prepare engaging presentations or demonstrations to capture participants’ interest.

4. Develop attractive marketing materials

For marketing, you can use high-quality brochures, business cards, flyers, and other marketing materials. Those materials highlight your products. but ensure that your marketing materials are visually good and informative.

5. Networking and Engagement

You need to actively engage with exhibitors, attendees, and speakers at the event time.

6. Collect contact information

You must collect contact information from individuals who express interest in your products or services. It will help you to truly follow up on activities with them. So you can keep a system or database for recording contact details.

7. Use social media

With the help of social media, you can share updates, insights, and photos of the event or seminar. Engage with event hashtags and connect with other participants online. This helps to extend your reach and keep the conversation going after the event.

8. Quick Follow up

After the trade show, seminar, conference, or any other event, you need to follow up on the contacts that you made. You can send personalized emails or messages expressing your appreciation for their interest and willingness to connect. Reference your conversation and discuss how your offerings can meet their needs. If someone is interested in your products they will contact you.

9. Arrange meetings with a potential buyer

If you identify buyers, arrange one-on-one meetings to discuss their requirements in more detail. These individual meetings provide a focused opportunity to explore potential business collaborations.

10. Develop solutions or value-added products, not just basic products

You can develop your products as a solution for buyers’ problems or address the challenges it may increase your product’s demand unless selling basic products. And also you can manufacture customized products for each and every customer.

For example; If you are manufacturing something that can be added logo, you can customize the products with the buyer’s company logo.

Highlight the value and benefits you offer, and tailor your discussions to their specific needs.

11. Build long-term business relationships with buyers

Establishing relationships takes some time. Stay in touch with the contacts you’ve made by sharing relevant industry insights, updates, and success stories. Building trust and credibility can lead to long-term partnerships.

12.Evalutae and improve

After the event evaluate your results. identify weaknesses and strengths of previous events. Then you can avoid and develop marketing strategies for the next trade shows or seminars.

3. Build a website

It is better to build a website with the facility of multi-county versions or the capability to translate different languages. The website should be attractive and informative regarding your products. Then buyers can easily identify your products then they will contact you to string a deal.

4. Use social media

These days higher capability for influencing social media for businesses. You can connect with foreign buyers through social media. Such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is a great opportunity to market your products while finding buyers. Engaging social media for your startup or existing export business can be an effective and cost-efficient way to find potential buyers and build brand awareness.

Steps to follow to find buyers from social media

Select the Right Social media platforms

Identify the social media platforms that align with your target audience. Such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even platforms like TikTok or Pinterest, depending on your products, can be valuable for different types of businesses.

optimize your social media profile

You need to create professional and engaging profiles on chosen social media platforms. Use high-quality images, clear descriptions, and relevant keywords that reflect your international business and products.

Use strategies for your content

Develop a content strategy that highlights your products, expertise, and industry knowledge. Frequently share engaging and informative posts, articles, images, videos, and infographics that resonate with your target audience.

Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Need to Clear communication of your business’s unique value proposition. Explain how your products solve customer problems or fulfill their needs better than competitors.

5. Online directories and search engine

Here we are going to identify how to find suppliers and buyers for your business by using online directories. Step by step will explain,

Identify the most suitable online directories for your business.

Need to identify online business directories according to your target market or your business industry. It may be a regional directory, a general business directory, or an industry-specific directory.

Enhance Your Directory Listings

Take an opportunity to include your business details in the selected directories. When listing your business make sure that includes clear visibility and clear and accurate information about your business. Such as company name, address, website URL, and contact number, etc.

Select the right keywords for your business

The right keyword set helps to find your business easily. So you need to include keywords when listing your business details in online directories.

High SEO(Search engine optimization) strategy used for content

Using relevant keywords with SEO techniques can be used for your website content. It is more useful to appear on your business website who search for your products and services needs.

Advertising your business with pay-per-click (PPC)

When someone searches for something regarding your products or business firstly he will find advertisements like pay-per-click. So it is a powerful method for gaining buyers for your business. Google ads are a very famous platform for PPC advertising.

6. Relationship building with foreign buyers

To build relationships with foreign buyers, you do below things,

Attending tradeshows and foreign exhibitions

Join the Chamber of Commerce and trade associations

Enhance export agencies and promotional activities

7. Contact the chamber of commerce

The Chamber of Commerce maintains international business contacts. And also the Chamber of Commerce is contacting foreign business lawyers and accountants. It may help your business when encountering complexities of business.

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