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What is Container Tracking: Everything you need to know

Container Tracking

Container Tracking is the more important task in container shipping. With container tracking, you can know the exact location and stage of your shipment. It may help to plan your shipment further. Such as delivery and payment can be arranged early. It reduces the delays of the shipment clearance process while you can avoid charges of demurrage and detention.

How can we track shipping containers?

We can track a shipping container through GPS-based tracking devices or IOT RFID sensors. Tracking devices are fixed on the top of the container with screws or magnets. It is included GPS software.

What is container tracking software?

It is a cloud-based software that can read the location with GPS devices.

Some of the container trackings is done by the remote satellite system. Satellite images can be accessed anywhere and anytime.

And also, can be used for GPS and freight tracking systems.

What benefits of container tracking?

  • Security of the container or shipment is enhanced.
  • Reduce labor time-automatically update the status of the container or shipment,
  • Improving customer satisfaction and customer relationship-
  • Increase operational efficiencies-with the updating of the container’s movement, you can streamline the container operations process

Details need to track your container.

What is container tracking?

It is the process of tracking a container during transportation. With container tracking, you can receive details of updating locations and other news in real time.

How to select the right container-tracking software?

  1. User-friendly interface
  2. Easy to use, customizable, multimodal tracking
  3. It should match your shipments volume and day-to-day operations
  4. Should be an affordable cost for your organization
  5. Choose the software solution provider that has a better customer support team

Shipment tracking benefits to your company?

  • Improve your supply chain, and increase the visibility of the supply chain,
  • Reduce customer support services by traditional ways, telephone calls, emails
  • Reduce customer dissatisfaction
  • Better Route optimization planning
  • Identify cost-reduction opportunities
  • Integrated with e-commerce platform and consolidate the process
  • Provide the evidence of delivery for accounting purposes
  • What are the benefits to your customers with shipment tracking software?
  • They can easily pick up the package at any time of the day they can
  • Aware of the shipment stage by notification
  • Better customer experience and increased level of customer satisfaction
  • Proof of delivery provides to record keeping purposes

Benefits of Cloud-based tracking software

  • Real-time tracking
  • Instant notifications send automatically
  • Provide proof of delivery-invoice accounting process efficiency
  • Flexibility to access the tracking system-any where and at any time can access the tracking software
  • A centralized platform-you can track all the shipments in a single platform
  • Enhance the communication and cooperation among the team of logistics
  • Increase the efficiency in the invoice cycle to the accounting process
  • Increase data accuracy and real-time information
  • Decrease IT investment cost when using Cloud
  • Increase the speed of the supply chain process by reducing the manual process
  • Improve supply chain visibility and carrier performance

Examples of container tracking software


VISCO automatic container tracking


Netsuite Container Tracking

Magaya container tracking software



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