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Top 9 Logistics Blog Websites in the World

Top Logistics Blog websites

Here going to identify the most popular top logistics blog websites in the world. A s logistics professionals definitely help this blog to update your logistics knowledge by referring to top logistics websites. Before that, we need to identify what is the logistics blog website.

What is meant by logistics blog websites?

It is a web article publishing website for gaining knowledge and other related data and information related to the logistics industry. Logistics professionals need to update daily for the success of their international and local businesses. So these kinds of websites definitely help you to gain new trends and technology information.

What is Logistics? Types of logistics,7 R’s, and more in a simple way of explanation

1. Logistics Management

provides logistics and transportation news and technology with white papers, reports, photos, etc.

Logistics blog websites-Logisticsmanagement
Logistics blog websites-sourced by Logisticsmanagement.com

2. Logisicsviewpoints.com

Established at 2009 by ARC Advisory Group

Provide information related to logistics trends, new technologies, and services with clear analytics for logistics professionals.

Logistics blog websites-logisticsvewpoints
Logistics blog websites- soured by logisticsvewpoints.com

3. Supply chain management review

provides supply chain-related news and industry analysts and other detail. Topics include procurement, sourcing, software, technology, transport, logistics, and other related topics in supply chain management. Case studies related to companies.

logistics blog websites-supplychainmanagementreview
logistics blog websites-sourced by supplychainmanagementreview.com

5. Logistics Bureau

Established in 1997 for the purpose of consulting and educating logistics knowledge.

Blog posts related to the supply chain and logistics industry. There are more categories of websites such as

3PL, Articles, Audio Interviews, Benchmarking, Books, Business Improvement, Case Studies, Chain of Responsibility, Change Management, Charity Work, Consultants, Corporate Social Responsibility, Cost Saving, Cost to Serve, CRM, Customer Service, Distribution, Network Design, Free Logistics and Supply Chain Events, Free Stuff, Freight Management, Global Sourcing, Glossaries, Hiring, Inventory – S&OP
Logistics, Materials Handling, News, Offshoring, OpinionOutsourcing, People, People seeking to move performance Measurement – KPIs
Podcast, Procurement – Purchasing – SRM, Purchasing, etc.

logistics blog websites-LogisticsBureau
logistics blog websites-sourced by LogisticsBureau.com


started in 1981

transport and logistics blogs.Articles related to news, case studies, global logistics,3pl trend, and more.

Logistics blog website-inboundlogistics
Logistics blog website-sourced by inboundlogistics.com


Freight and shipping-related knowledge, logistics and technology-related posts, and more areas that are covered by blog posts.

Logistics blog websites-Freightos
Logistics blog websites-sourced by Freightos.com

8. Freightwaves.com

It is a price reporting agency that is involved in the shipping and logistics, and transportation sectors there are more posts related to the supply chain and logistics industry.

logistics blog websites- Freightwaves.com
logistics blog websites- sourced by Freightwaves.com

9. Logistics Matters

This is a global blog by DB Schenker.

This website includes main 5 categories of posts . They are

  • Features
  • Opinions
  • Trends
  • News
  • Videos
Logistics Blog website-logisticsmatters
Logistics Blog website-logisticsmatters sourced by https://blog.dbschenker.com/category/features/

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